Animal Sanctuary ‘Ellswiese’

The ‘Lebenshof Ellswiese’ is a non-profit animal rights organization and an animal sanctuary. We want to give animals who have not had an easy life a permanent home, without any benefit to humans. The vegan lifestyle is a given for us.

The Ellswiese

The Ellswiese is at home in the Franconian Forest Nature Park in Upper Franconia and was launched in 2017 by Laura & Lutz. It has been a non-profit organization since 2023 and houses around 65 animals. The main animals that live here are ducks, pigeons, sheep, goats, pigs and so-called pets. 

How to Support

Would you like to support the Ellswiese? You can sponsor an animal, an area or the entire farm with a monthly contribution. One-off donations are also possible and help finance the farm for all its residents.

Quick Start to Help

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A fence should be built for our pasture. Help with that! 

Animal Areas

Rabbit Land

In our rabbit outdoor area, the rabbits can run around over 450 square meters during the day and have a 25 square meter hut available for the night. Everything is break-in and escape-proof.

Rabbit Love

There are three groups of rabbits living in our house. Due to various illnesses, they have to be kept indoors as they require more intensive care. Health checks are also necessary at night.


The duck area is inhabited by running ducks and dwarf ducks. Not only is it protected against predators, but it is also equipped with a 500 square meter net to prevent attacks from birds of prey.

Pigeon City

The 24 square meter outdoor aviary is inhabited by our pigeons. Due to various histories and illnesses, they are require to stay in the  secure area. 

Hamsters Hang Out

Our three animal-friendly hamster enclosures are inhabited by evacuated dwarf hamsters from Ukraine. Each enclosure offers a lot of variety and a large bedding area for digging.

Chinchilla Town

Starting out as fur suppliers, our chinchilla boys now live in their own room. There they have numerous hiding and playing opportunities to let off steam.

Gerbil City

Gerbils have been on the Ellswiese since the beginning and even if they are not always easy, they remain an integral part. Two teams of two currently live here.

Degu Land

Degu Land is inhabited by two brothers. The two can come up with a lot of nonsense in their ground enclosure. Numerous hiding places and tubes offer a lot of variety. 

Claw Quarter

Since 2024, eleven sheep and three goats have been living on the pastures of the Ellswiese. The old cowshed serves as a retreat. All together moved to us from other farms.


The two mini pigs Frieda and Johnny live here. This year both will have a pig area built especially for them with everything a pig’s heart needs.

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What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

- Jane Goodall

Team Ellswiese

Get to know the people behind the Ellswiese.

Laura & Lutz

Laura & Lutz



You can send us a message here. Please note that due to daily farm work, it is not always possible for us to respond directly. If you have an urgent emergency, please contact the animal shelter or veterinary office in your area.

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